Jun 13, 2022 • 2M

Many-worlds vision: two stories from other realms

You must ride the tides of infinity

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Claudia Dawson
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Here are two stories — one is from a dream and the other from a psychedelic journey — and even though they are both visions it does not make them any less true or fiction. The sad girl, and the lonely woodworker who is not lonely, exist like you and I. They live in other realms but they are real and their stories are real, and I am just the reporter. Above is an audio reading of both accounts.

(I used Speechify for the audio, MidJourney for the images and Procreate for the gif. This art is psychic art and created in collaboration with AI.)


On a ferry floating across a body of water, I meet a young girl on her way back home. She is sad. Her eyes well up with tears.

She had lived her whole life on an island she thought was paradise. Before this voyage, she never knew what it was like to leave. Now, as her island comes into view, it begins to feel too small for her. She had caught a glimpse of a whole new world, and because of that she now had to answer to a new mind and a new heart that made her want more and more for herself.

The girl mourned her past perspective which had kept her satisfied and safe. She now understood she could never go back home. She was being pushed toward the unknown, and even though the guiding force is divine, and every new discovery would be life-expanding and destined for her, she was still sad and she cried and I cried with her.

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A man sat alone with his chisel carving animal totems out of wood. To outsiders he appeared lonely, practicing his dead art. But beneath reality — what they could not see — was that the man was never alone. He was a man who lived in two kingdoms.

His wood was infused with the wisdom of ancient, guardian trees, and the animals he carved out of them were ancestors and spirits who guided and inspired every cut he made.

Each creation of his was a merging of living energies and because of this he was always connected and beaming with life and never, ever alone.

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