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How to change the past, fraudulent fortune-tellers and guidelines for psychics

Is this time travel?


The clip above is from “The Adam Project” on Netflix when Mark Ruffalo is visited by his son from two different ages in time. The movie was OK. But that scene was hilarious to me, and now — any chance I get — I ask, “Is this time travel?”

I made myself a new coffee mug

The movie is obviously about time travel, but more than that it was about healing your inner child — which you can do now — you don’t have to wait for future technologies.

When I was in Sedona, Arizona last year for my 37th birthday, I met with four different healers. A shaman, dream weaver, reiki therapist and someone whose business card said multidimensional intuitive. Each one talked about the importance of healing your inner child.

During one of the sessions, I was given a visualization exercise that had profound effects on my psyche and was definitely a form of time travel.

The exercise:

I was told to go back in my mind to my first moment of shame. I was told to see myself as a child and let myself feel every painful thing Little Claudia was feeling. To induce tears. To let that moment in time break through me and cry. I did. Then I was told to swoop in — as myself from this current point of existence — knowing everything I know now, with all the love I have now, and to pick up that little version of me and heal her with my compassion and wisdom and tell her all the things she needed to hear back then.

My first moment of shame:

I was 4 years old and I was in an upstairs bedroom listening to the radio. There was a Spanish love song playing and I was singing along with it. I had a pen and a piece of paper and I was writing a love letter. I don’t know to who, but I suspect it was to God. My mother came into the room and asked me what I was doing. I told her I was writing a love letter. She laughed at me and I felt embarrassed for the first time in my life. I didn’t want to finish my letter. I didn’t want to sing along to the love song. I thought I had done something wrong — and I was ashamed of being so in love.

How I healed Little Claudia:

In Sedona I was 37 years old when I went back in time and picked up my 4-year-old self and I hugged her, and I kissed her and I told her she had done nothing wrong. I told her she came into this world in love and that’s how she was supposed to remain. I told her to write more and more love letters, and to sing along to all the Spanish love songs and to never — for one moment — feel embarrassed about it. I told her that her heart was pure and that was her super power and to let herself be guided by that for the rest of her life.

We walked out of that bedroom together, Little Claudia and I, and she’s been with me ever since.

Is this time travel?


Healers, psychics, curanderas, priestesses, witchesthis is a realm I have been comfortable with since birth. I can spot the fakes from the pure-hearted and everything in between.

Readings and healings can be revelatory or feel grossly transactional. I’m not undupable, I’ve just learned how to read the reader.

Below are my personal rules for navigating the weird world of witches and intuitives, but obviously we’re here on this Earth as consciousness explorers and you can do whatever the hell you want.

  1. No roadside stands with neon-lit palms.

  2. Never do love spells. There’s more creative ways to pull love into your life.

  3. Remember, no one can read your mind, only energy — so learn how to protect yourself and how to create energetic boundaries and how to cut cords.

  4. Walk or run away from any psychic that approaches you or becomes demanding or aggressive once you sit down.

  5. Don’t let any one tell you you’re cursed. You’re not cursed.

  6. You don’t need to pay for a cleansing. You can learn to cleanse yourself and rid yourself of negativity/blockages/entities/etc.

  7. Everything is always in flux — card readings are not set in stone, no one can see your death — you are creating your own life along with the Universe.

  8. Even experienced, gifted seers can get things wrong. Don’t let this turn you off or become a non-believer. They are only conduits and they can be biased and sometimes filter incorrectly. Align your heart with the messages you’re given, you’ll know what’s true.

To be continued …



I made an animation of myself as a yellow bird. This is how I stay grounded (and relatable), yet free myself to explore the unknown and the ethereal, esoteric skies.


I’ve seen what happens when a spiritual seeker becomes ungrounded. I used to believe I could only live in one world at a time, or have one and not the other, but that’s not true. You can have both.

You can be a bird with legs that grow and stretch past your current point of existence and consciousness and you can also come back home — down to earth — whenever you want.

This image was actually intuited by Kathy Crabbe, who is an artist and soul reader, and a psychic I trust. Her energy is beaming with love and creativity and kindness. I’ve been getting readings from her for more than ten years now.

She saw me as this bird and when I heard her describing the bird, I got chills (chills and goosebumps can be a confirmation of truth). She had her own interpretation of what the bird meant, and said it was important spiritual imagery for me — and it is!

And I took that imagery and I sat with it and I drew it out and in that process, I made the final decision as to what it meant for me — and that’s how all of this psyche archeology / psychic revealings should work — it can be collaborative, but ultimately, it is your fate to create.

Claudia’s Many-Worlds Vision
Claudia’s Many-Worlds Vision
Claudia Dawson